Exclusive  Designs

Musical Winter Collection
Zen Alphabet
Zen Words
Fun fishies collection
Farm Signs
9 country style designs
Cinco de Mayo Collection!
4 designs in 3 sizes
Art Nouveau Months of the Year
Art Nouveau Tiles Collection
Art Nouveau Tiles Collection - 9 designs in 2 sizes
Funny Dogs Collection
Funny Dogs Collection
Cool Cats Collection
Cool Cats Collection
Dividers Collection
20 Divider designs in 2 sizes
Drogon Design
Dragon design inspired by Game of Thrones
Rhaegal Design
Dragon design inspired by Game of Thrones
Viserion Design
Dragon design inspired by Game of Thrones
3 Dragons Circle Design
3 Dragons design inspired by Game of Thrones
Winter is Coming Design
Wolf design inspired by Game of Thrones
Mother of Dragons Designs
Mother of Dragons design inspired by Game of Thrones
Dracarys Design
Dragon design inspired by Game of Thrones
Dragons of Westeros Collection
8 designs inspired by Game of Thrones
Easter Egg Collection
10 simple egg designs fit 4x4 hoop
Vintage Nautical Designs
4 nautical themed designs in 3 sizes
Wavy Words
4 designs in a nautical theme
African Women
2 sets, Sleek African women
Abstract Dancers
4 set of dancers sleek and flowing designs
Floral Spray Collection
3 sets of flowers light and airy
Tally Witch Designs
Six designs in 2 sizes
Birds & Blooms Collection
Scandinavian styled designs
Summer Suns Collection
Six sun designs
Sunflowers With Glasses 2
Five designs fit 4x4 hoops & larger
Sunflower with Glasses 1
Five sunflower designs in hats and glasses. Will fit 5x7 hoops
Vintage Patterns All
12 Vintage Pattern Designs
Pop Art Animals
7 Pop Art Animals
Each design in 2 sizes
Travel Sayings
Travel inspiration
Art Nouveau Flowers
Art noveau flowers
Butterfly Flourish
Intricate butterflies
Chinese Zodiac
Chinese zodiac characters
Chinese Elements Collection
Five elements, water, wood, fire, earth, metal
Cultural Art 1
Indigenous Australian and New Guinea Art
Cultural Art 2
Argentine Indian Art
Cultural Art 3
Art of the South Sea Islands
Cultural Art 4
Art of the Haida Indians of the Pacific North West
Cultural Art 5
Art of the Mayan Indians
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