Once upon a time
in a land far, far away...

A land called Chicago Illinois in a BIG country called America,
there lived a girl named Cindy...

Ok, seriously now... I grew up in Chicago on the southwest side in Brighton Park. For anyone from Chicago, you know that's an important factor in the geography of ChiTown.. :)

My Mom sewed all the time, made us clothes, made clothes for my Barbie too. She taught me how to hand sew, embroider and use her old Singer machine.

Most of us neighbourhood girls belonged to Girl Scouts, from Brownies to Seniors and some of us were GS leaders as well. Geez, we had fun!! Between all the crafts we learned in Scouts and my Mom's influence, I grew to have a passion for creating things.

I suppose as with most hobbies, they grow and evolve over the years. Besides needlework, I dabbled in metal working/jewelry making, rubber stamping and paper making. I also learned to use a computer which fueled my creative fire and I had hours of fun playing with graphics in Photoshop and collecting fonts and dingbats.

After marrying my husband Des, I moved to Brisbane Australia in 1998. I continued with my hobbies and came to purchase a second hand Pfaff 7570 embroidery machine. Well, wasn't it love at first sight! Within months, I had purchased a digitizing program and was on my way...

My tastes tend to be a bit eclectic, ranging from art nouveau to prim/country to grunge to gothic to southwestern. But my passion is for Indigenous Cultural Art from all over the world. You will probably notice that in my designs. I hope you enjoy them...


Thanks for reading.. =)





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These are COMPUTERIZED EMBROIDERY DESIGNS for use in a computerized embroidery machine NOT HAND EMBROIDERY.